Thunderbolt Logger does not work well with Adobe Flash Player 10.2 or Adobe Flash Player 10.2 Square

I was looking through my Console / FlashConsole. I use both debug  plugins in Firefox. I have recently been running Adobe Flash player 10.2 - Square. Suddenly I noticed there was something missing - Aha - to my horror I  discovered I could no longer see the classes in the console output. That in effect renders the whole point of Logger useless. You might as well go back to the default flash trace. I assumed that it was an error of mine and tested with a project I know I have always seen my classes outlined in the debug output. No Cigar. I then did a sudo nautilus - and going the Ubuntu way changed my back to 10.1.x and then tried to run the applications again - Voila my classes were once again outlined with the Logger traces. Phew!!!


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