FDT4 is fully supported on Ubuntu

Finally the Linux Flex/Actionscript community and Ubuntunistas in particular have an IDE that is fully supported on Linux. FDT has long been touted as an IDE at par with FlashBuilder and FlashDevelop. Some of its features are certainly outstrip the aforementioned IDE's on the other hand there are things that it lacks. Having said that for the Linux user the idea of a fully supported Flex-Actionscript IDE is a real boon. Since Adobe pulled the plug on Linux support for Flex there have been precious few options and most are hacks that are unsupported or unofficial. For the professional these options are untenable and risky especially for the development of commercial projects. FDT4 have been sagacious enough to recognise that the Linux group is a viable market segment and we welcome their support. I implore all Linux user to do as much as they possibly can to support FDT and feed back into the development team in order that the product may some day outstrip FlashBuilder in performance, feature-set and penetration.
Without a shadow of a doubt there are kinks to be ironed out - importing FlashBuilder projects can sometime be flakey - the larger the project the more flakey. I find that rebuilding the project for FDT4 is a faster safer option. There seems to be a lack of certain key shortcuts that exist in FlexBuilder, off the top of my head I can think of multiline duplication and ASDoc tag creation, 2 shortcuts that I really miss. Having said that the ability to create variables in classes from the point of declaration is simply BOSS.
I'm still a newbie to FDT4 but I like it more everyday and I have pretty much started developing exclusively in the IDE. If you are a Linux Flex/Actionscript developer looking for the IDE - look no further.


Bruno said...

Thank you for the good words. I work with the FDT tema and we are very happy to support the Linux community and will continue our investment. For this same reason, your feedback is very important to us. I would like to encourage you and the Linux/Flash community to please contribute any bugs, improvements or feature requests on http://bugs.powerflasher.com

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