Tuesday, 8 September 2015

LG G3 not showing up in Android Studio List

If you are using Android Studio as your test device you may run into the problem of your device not showing up on the emulator list when you need to test your app. I had that problem. Well this worked for me.
1. Clear your phone debug permissions tapping on "Revoke USB debugging authorizations"
3. Plug your phone to your laptop, authorise the phone to be used as a debug device and prosper

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Alienware m17x R2, electic shocks, flip flops

I own an Alienware m17x r2, an amazing laptop that I just cannot give up. Recently I started getting electric shocks from the edges of the laptop. Sustained Googling revealed that this is a problem with this model, goodness knows why, but various reasons like the aluminium chassis have been given.
Anyway I discovered that if you have this problem, its more than likely due to electric grounding. My workaround is to make sure I wear a pair of
rubber flip flops while I use the unit. It works

Monday, 6 April 2015

myINEC, the official app of INEC

The first quarter of 2015 and then some in Nigeria has been totally been dominated by the Nigerian elections. My company PrestAds and I have been somewhat in the thick of it from the digital services point of view. PrestAds was commissioned to handle the online advertising for INEC as well as design, develop and deploy their official app called myINEC. It's been a grueling, but exciting project and its been amazing to work on the design, architecture and development of the app.

The app was officially launched at the INEC Stakeholders Summit on the 24th of March by no other than Prof A Jega the Chairman of INEC at the Abuja Sheraton. I had the honour of presenting the app to the world and the media and doing a live demo of the app. I found it a little amusing that many thought the app was a prototype or a demo and not alive and available for instant use and were actually shocked to find it was a full blooded working app on the Play Store. I got a couple of comments to that effect after I finished the demo. Post the launch, the reviews of the app have been very very good and it has made all the work and care that went into design and development very very gratifying.

myINEC is the official app of the Independent National Electoral Commission of Nigeria (INEC). It is your one-stop-shop for all the INEC information you ever want or need. You can contact the ICCC (INEC Citizens Contact Center) from myINEC. At the ICCC you can speak to friendly support officers who will be glad to answer every question or inquiry you have.

Visit the various social media portals of INEC (Facebook, Twitter...) directly from myINEC.You can validate your voters status, search for your PVC, check for the latest news and updates from INEC, find out all you want to know about INEC, its history and much more. Get INEC authenticated election results directly on your device as they come in and see the results clearly in an animated bar chart.

myINEC is available on Google's Play Store and BlackBerry World app store, just go to either store depending on your device, search for myINEC, download, install and enjoy my latest work

Get it on Google Play

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

DDMS] device unauthorized. Please check the confirmation dialog on your device.

This occurred after I had finally set up Google Glass to sync with ADB

DDMS] device unauthorized. Please check the confirmation dialog on your device.

The solution:
1. setx ANDROID_SDK_HOME "E:adt-bundle-windows-x86_64-20140321sdk"
2. unplug device
3. adb kill-server
4. adb start-server
5. plug device

*** For the adb instructions you need to navigate to your ADT/sdk/platform-tools folder where adb resides

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Updating Android SDK manager in Android Studio

For those of you Android developers making the transition from ADT-Eclipse to Android Studio - IntelliJ Idea, you would have noticed that more than a few things are done differently. Just a bit frustrating from time to time. With ADT to update the Android SDK all you need to do is open Eclipse, click on the Android SDK Manager and update what you need to update.

Android Studio on Windows 8 requires that you open it as an administrator before you can successfully update. If you do not do this Android SDK will throw Access denied errors and nothing will be installed. Remember to install updates in Android Studio on Windows 8+, open Android Studio as administrator first

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Hotels In Nigeria - find a luxury or budget hotel in Nigeria

Get it on Google Play
My newest app is actually a reaction to a recent problem I had looking for a reasonably priced hotel in Lagos. Almost everything I found online was expensive but I knew that here would be squads of hotels in Lagos that were decent yet were within a reasonable price range. The answer "Hotels In Nigeria". The app gives you a comprehensive list of hotels in the various towns and cities of Nigeria from 5* to low budget. It's simple and easily accessible and as the data is persistent on your device, there is no need to access the internet to get the information you need.
The app is now live on Google play but it is in BETA. I'm still adding new towns and adding new hotels I find to the various listings. New features will also be added to the application in due course. Download the app here
Get it on Google Play

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Failed to load the Shared JNI Library in Windows 8

After my more or less monthly re-installation of Windows 8, I came across this little bijou when I was setting up ADT for droid development, ''Failed to load the Shared JNI Library in Windows 8''. The problem was the fact that even though I had assiduously   tried to make sure I only installed the 64 bit Java 7 JDK, I did not have a 64 bit JVM. I installed this from here and it was alright.
Do not forget to setup the paths to the jdk and jre in your environmental variables.
Thats it!