Interesting people you see in London

Its always been cool sometimes the people you see or meet on the Underground or on the streets of London. Today got off the train at Warren Street and in the next carriage was Sophie Okonedo looking very squashed in her seat. Had her eyes closed to probably block out the rest of the populace in the tube. Could jolly well empathise with her. A few months ago I was on the train to Finchley Central when this fellow jumped in the carriage at East Finchley. I kept staring at him, then it clicked I had been watching him that morning - Kai Owen - on Torchwood. I went up to him to ask him if he was really the one - and he was. He was a nice chap we talked a bit - I told him I really liked Torchwood which I do and I toddled off at Finchley Central. Oh then there was the woman in Lark Rise to Candleford, Claudie Blakley, walked by her on St Johns Lane going to get biscuits in the local M&S at lunchtime. She was talking agitatedly into her phone. Oh then there was Omar you walked into this bar I was having a meeting in in some Theatre place south of the Thames. Well thats it so far. :).
Well I guess not - I saw Timothy Spall just outside the Farringdon train station yesterday Wed 10th Nov 2010.


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