dcopserver not running - my fix

I tried to use KStreamripper in Ubuntu Jaunty and came up with an alert which stated  'dcopserver  not running'. I tried a number of Google results none of which worked for me. However looking at all the results it seemed the problem was permissions based so I opened my 'User settings' panel, opened my  'Group Settings', selected my account < username > and ticked the root and username boxes. When I opened Kstreamripper again it was fine. It may be neccessary to reboot but, that worked for me.
Good Luck!


3vi1 said...

Making yourself normal account a member of root is a horrible idea. I can't stress how bad that is for security.

Try fixing the authorities on the probable culprits instead:

sudo chown yourusername .ICEauthority

At worst, just start kstreamripper itself as root:

sudo kstreamripper

aYo ii said...

Thanks for the tip point taken and implemented

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