Bing - finally a real option to Google

Microsoft have just released the beta of their new search engine Bing. Its very pretty to look at - and its user experience is really spot on. It does not seem to have the deep penetration Google has with regards to search data but I believe it will get there over time as it gathers momentum. I like the video search feature a lot. Searched videos are displayed as thumbnails that play the first few seconds of the video when you mouse over them. When you clickon the video it plays at the top of the page with an option to go to thesource site of the video. A really neat search feature is the persistence of the playing video when you move from page to page. It just keeps playing until you select another video thumbnail- it's really cool - there is also a nice fade in as the page changes - nice small touches that make it a really pleasant tool to use. I did not like the fact that in true Microsoft style, I could not find any blogspot (google hosted) blogs even when I typed in the blog urls directly. Its a search engine please let it search without bias (anti competition filters are silly). Having said that its definitely worth using and a decent alternative to Google.


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