Acrobat Reader 9+ crashes seconds after opening a PDF in Ubuntu

For some strange reason, Acrobat 9 + seems to crash seconds after opening a PDF document in Ubuntu Jaunty. Doubtless other Linux users may experience this in their different distros. It happens both as a standalone PDF and in the Firefox plug in. There does not seem to be a workaround or fix for the moment. My solution was to uninstall Acrobat reader 9 and install Acrobat Reader 8. That works fine. I'll put AR9 back on when Adobe sorts out the problem


Who Cares? said...

Hi, please try using Adobe Reader 9.1.2 for Unix?

- Varun

Who Cares? said...

Also, if you face any other issues, please raise them at:

aYo ii said...

Indeed 9.1.2 seems to work well. I must add that I did a reinstall of Jaunty/Ubuntu-Studio before I installed Acrobat 9,1,2

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