Using the FLVcheck utility to authenticate the validity of your videos

As a Flash Media Server developer I come across the occasional file that refuses to stream or playback. This usually leads to guess work, a bit of trial and error and then the formulation of various hypothesis as to why the file failed. Sometimes that explanation is not enough for the client or video producer who will swear that their video production tool is top notch and that the developer is the clueless one.
Thanks to Adobe and a nifty little command line utility, that bridge has now been crossed. "The FLVCheck tool can be used to analyze FLV files before they are deployed on Flash Media Server. In addition, the tool can also add or update metadata to reflect file duration correctly. The tool verifies that metadata is readable, specifies an accurate duration, and checks that the FLV file is seekable by Flash Media Server. The tool supports unicode filenames".
(FMIS Admin Guide)

The use case I am describing here is for Linux specifically Ubuntu/Studio 9,04 Jaunty however I believe the same procedure applied to Windows.
  • Download the tool from HERE
  • Unpack it to a folder of your choice.
  • Open Terminal (or command prompt), and change directory to the folder you unpacked the tool. On my computer that was the command:

cd '/media/disk/INTERACtIVE/UTILITIES/FLVChecklinux'

To do a basic check of the video, the following is the format. Please note the command may vary in Windows:

./flvcheck [-option] <file ...>

In my case it was:

./flvcheck -f '/media/disk/MEDIA/VIDEO/Adding_a_Launchpad_PPA_s_key_to_Ubuntu.flv''

This was my feedback:

09-05-20 14:29:25 /media/disk/MEDIA/VIDEO/Adding_a_Launchpad_PPA_s_key_to_Ubuntu.flv passed

Adobe provides a list of FLVCheck errors, please take a look at the documentation to identify your unique error


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Thanks so much for documenting the steps. You're truly a lifesaver.
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Alisa Fish said...

Nice share but hard for me to deal with the problem like that.
it is easy to convert video to ipod touch with a software.

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