Multi-user Video chat: Flash Media Server, Papervision3D and MagicMVC

Over the last few years I have been developing and streamlining an MVC scaffold for use in my projects for MagicLantern. One of the goals of this scaffold was to provide support in the Model so I could immediately use it for Flash Media Server development without going through all the set up motions. It also had to be flexible enough to allow for easy modification by sub-classes of the Model. Highest on the list of goals though was that it had to be accessible to any developer with an understanding of MVC - no trying to learn about plugin interfaces and facades, just setup and use. I think I have arrived there with MagicMVC. It is the scaffold on which this prototype of a multiuser video chat application in Papervision3D is built.

It works nicely so far, the Model can be extended by a subclass to facillitate developer specific classes, but all that is generally needed is for the Wrapper class to send the FMIS URI to the model / subclassed model when the model is instantiated and the rest is up to the developer to do as they please. This prototype is a bit buggy as it is still in development, but it works well. Please use headphones and a microphone and PLEASE make sure you have a camera.


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