Uninstalling Dropbox from Ubuntu

This is what is needed to remove Nautilus Dropbox from Ubuntu.

sudo apt-get remove nautilus-dropbox
rm -rf ~/.dropbox
rm -rf ~/.dropbox-dist

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thagoat said...

Thanks. Just what I needed. Couldn't remember the package name. =D

Vince said...

You can also remove nautilus-share

sudo apt-get remove nautilus-share said...

Thanks a lot for the info... Was looking out for this a lot...

TopGun said...

it works with aptitude too (obviously), if somebody prefer it to apt-get


Manu said...

You can remove dropbox.list in sourcelist

sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/dropbox.list

Elle Lawliet said...

thanks a lot! I needed this.

chipthamac said...

thanks! worked like a charm. i am new to ubuntu and dropbox was erasing files for some reason on my ubuntu vm. could not find where to remove.

The Ken-Ton Kids News said...

awesome thanks!!!!!! :D

scaamanho said...

you miss remove also nautilus-share

#sudo apt-get remove nautilus-share

hope it help

iamar said...

You must also do this:
killall nautilus
to avoid reacreating .dropbox folder

iamar said...

must kill process
killall nautilus

to avoid .dropbox folder recreation