PulseAudio patch for Flash in Ubuntu-Studio prevent live Flash Media Interactive Server NetStreams

Ubuntu and Ubuntu- Studio have the PulseAudio server as the default sound server. The Ubuntu Wiki documentation states

"There may be problems with getting sound from Adobe Flash v. 9 and earlier, Wine and Skype when these applications use the ALSA protocol. The sound is supposed to go through the "pulse" plugin in ALSA, that passes it to PulseAudio, where it get mixed with all other sound, and passed on to a audio interface.
The problems seems to be related to the pulse plugin in ALSA, and the special ways these apps uses ALSA.
Currently there are three patches for "pulse" that probably can solve the problems with Wine combined with ALSA/pulse."

As usual in "itchy finger" mode I could not resist trying out the PulseAudio patch for Flash Player 9+ in the hope that somehow this enhanced sound server would improve the Flash Player sound-scape. I went to Synaptic and installed the libraries to assist Flash Player 9 deploy PulseAudio. Everything seemed to go as sweet as a nut until, I tried to video conference via the myForum2 video conferencing system. I could get no audio from my chat partner irrespective of what we both did to reconfigure sound. Oh she could hear me with no problems at all but I could not hear her at all. I tried out various Flash Media Interactive Server applications I had build with FMS streaming and they worked though, they were all playing back recorded streams. I also tried to chat via Skype and I got errors stating that I had problems with my sound card which, was frankly rubbish. As a last resort I went back to Synaptic and uninstalled the PulseAudio libraries for Flash and yes not I can hear live streams from the Flash Player again. This one is a bit strange though because, I could playback the BBC live news coverage thats is streamed live from Akamai via RTMP - or perhaps its not as live as it should be. I guess that's a discussion for another day. For the moment what is important is the fact that the Flash Player deploys the ALSA algoritthm for sound and the PulseAudio patches for the moment create a new set of problems. My recomendation for the moment 'Do not patch'. The problems I found were in areas I usually work in, who knows what complications you may introduce to your system by patching.


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