Installing FlexBuilder3 on LinuxMint

Having gone through the travails of setting up LinuxMint. I say travails because despite the ease of install process, it took a prayer to get the damned thing to install. It shut down my computer so many times when it was about 98% complete, forcing me to do it all again. I often wondered if the struggle was really worth the effort. Finally it went through and as shown in the previous post I had the LinuxMint OS. There were of course a few more crashes as I muddled my way through updates and so on. Now the big challenge installing the new Flex Builder Linux Public Alpha. The first thing required was to get Eclipse Europa, this has to be downloaded and installed from the Eclipse site because the version thats built into LinuxMint as a choice of installable software does not support FlexBuilder 3. LinuxMint has a wonderful util called and Archive manager. Download the Eclipse Europa tar.gz and use the archive Manager to put it at the location of your choice on your hard drive, mine was /ayo/eclipse. Once that is done download your Flex Builder Linux Public Alpha .bin file. When the download is done, open the folder you downloaded the .bin, go to the Terminal from that folder and type

chmod +x Flexbuilder_blah_blah.bin

Click 'Enter', then type


Click 'Enter' again.
This will bring up the FlexBuilder installer. Follow the instructions and "Bob's your uncle". This version of FlexBuilder does not offer a Design View. This is unfortunate, nonetheless there you go, FlexBuilder 3 for Linux on LinuxMint Daryna.


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