VIrtual Directories: Providing one asset repository for multiple applications

I was looking at an article I wrote a while back and was reminded of a feature of Flash Media Interactive Server, I like a great deal, the virtual directory for streams. Its quite an old feature. It allows the developer to create a folder anywhere on the Server machine and set a name value pair as an identifier to this folder. As a result any FMIS ( or any earlier server FCS or FMS) application can access the streams in this folder by prefixing the required stream with this variable name,
e.g aStream,play("VDir:"+ RecStrm),
Till now this feature could only be set my making changes to the "Streams" tag in the VHost.xml configuration document:

/Streams >


to use this your server code may be:

aStream,play("radiostreams:"+ RecStrm),

FMIS now offers the ability to programatically set up a virtual directory from the server script. The Stream static method Stream.setVirtualPath(id, path).
It is used in the following manner:

Stream.setVirtualPath("JamSession", "C:/Documents and Settings/aYo/My Documents/My Music");

A particularly useful use case is an FMIS radio station, with each music channel set up as a separate instance of the application, or even a separate application altogether. Nonetheless all instances share a single music vault set up as a virtual directory. Were this not the case each channel would have to have its own streams folder which will definitely need to duplicate data, an unnecessary waste of disc space.


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