VideoStreamMaterial: Consider it deprecated

With great sadness, I discovered that the VideoStreamMaterial delivered with the new Papervision3D package (GreatWhite) does not work. All you get is a black screen. A Papervision spokesman informed me that the new security package for the Adobe player willl not allow the hack which allowed access to RTMP streams to be accessed by bitmapdata. This is really sad as it means that the possibilities of creating effects on video streams just went out the window, or at least reduced considerably.
I am now waiting for my chat cube to stop working. Very unfortunate

aYo Binitie II


Another-D-Mention said...

no, it does work. you just have to wait for the FMS to give you the policy file and then apply the texture and it will work. I had the same problem and managed to fix it

aYo ii said...

You're correct the VideoSteamMaterial is now active again. When I wrote this post the FMS servers did not support the allowAudio/VideoAccess thus deprecating the VSM at that time

Villmer said...

Hello. How do I tell the FMS to send a policy file and how do I tell the Flex/Flash application to ask for/receive a policy file?

aYo ii said...

FMS does not have a policy file per se. You need to go to set up the permissions for access to the application streams either in the setup xml or in the application script. The method by which you use the application script is outlined here