K-1 2007 - Its Semmy Schilt again

In a final match up of the usual suspects, the K-1 Grand Finals kicked off once again Semmy Shilt was victorious beating Peter Aerts in the final. The Lumberjack suffering a ruptured knee in a bad slip. As with all Semmy Shilt fights - not exciting at all. The fellow is just too large.
Nonetheless there were some very good fights one of them being the Remy Bonjasky/Badr Hari match. These are 2 very technical Muay Thai fighters I greatly admire. Badr Hari has bulked up quite a bit but, it does not seem to have short changed him in the kicking department. He is still lightening quick. His punching has improved a lot and in my view I feel he should have won the fight. Make up your own mind from the video above


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