uDin: Attraction

uDin: Attraction I, is the first public view of a series of experiments I have been carrying out with animated texture mapping to Papervision 3d Planes. The goals were 2fold, first was experimentation with various recursive and iterative animation techniques, next to see how the 3D objects would be have when rendered with these textures. As you can imagine, I'm just at the beginning of the journey and there will be ten or maybe hundreds of iterations of these experiments. This particular piece was done by generating a couple of particles getting them to edraw theie motion tracks of a bitmap and using the bitmap as a texture for a simple 3d plane.
On uDin, she was a beautiful maiden, who was caught in a war of attrition between 2 vassal states of the Bini Empire. It eventually led to a great slaughter between these 2 states. I have fond memories of sitting goggle-eyed with my Mother, as she told me these tales. This version shows Okosun trailing uDin, as you can imagine a fiery affair. Far from complete, no sound and the background visuals are still in Painter IX, still I could not longer keep it local.
The source code will be available when Attraction I is complete.


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