2Dspace, 3D world and Flash Media Server

Over the last couple of months my interest in the development of 3d systems has grown. I have messed about with 3D over the last 8years but have always found the systems clunky, Papervision3D changed that. In my own comfort zone of Actionscript Flash and Flex I now have a system that will allow me expedite all my visions in as many various iterations as I like. Thus the idea of a chat cube, not very practical but, in the words of Mike Chambers (FOTB 2007), "it nice to know it can be done".
The idea was to have a cube primitive which rendered each camera that logged into the system unto each facet of the cube. The system is not finished or polished but, it does do what was promised. You can talk too - sorry about the echo (if you hate the sound of your voice- it will be fixed). The image shows live feeds from my camera desk share driver streamed live from a Flash Media server. The code for the various API's will be posted later.
My thanks go to John Grden who worked with me to make sure the damn thing worked.


neoRiley said...

Hey Ayo, if you use a precision material with your cube, the content won't look distorted (you won't seen where the triangles are) - looks cool though!

aYo ii said...

Hey John, Mucho Gracias

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