Doe-eyed, sultry, but Not 4 Sale - charcoal, pastel, conte, watercolor

"One of the girls kept asking for water - the men did not like it so they threw her out in the desert in Libya"
Sarah - human trafficking survivor.

It seems like a story from the 17th century, but it is one of many in the 21st century. The profits are huge, the scale of the trade is vast. Economic migration and the search for a better life are the catalysts for this trade. The really frightening effects of this trade are yet to come. Welcome to the frightening world of 21st century human trafficking - the modern slave trade.

If this trade is not stamped out - the scale will increase as the profits grow kidnappings and abductions will be used to fill the gaps when voluntary victims or custom orders are made to slavers. The victims physically and emotionally scarred for life will me our wives husbands, neighbors and those of our children. The value of human life and the sense of humanity will be rubbed out in a generation of people growing up without human empathy. The fall-out will be devastating. This is a planet-wide scourge and it much be purged immediately.

Our women are beautiful, doe-eyed and sultry, but they are Not 4 Sale


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