A gorgeous flower, but Not 4 Sale - Charoal, Watercolour, Pastel, Conte

Our women are beautiful flowers, the lights of our lives. They are to be adored, cherished and protected. Across the world, as many as 30 million people are currently being held in bondage, moved from location to location as victims in the lucrative global human trafficking trade.

Convinced by people (family members, pastors, lovers, friends) they trust, young women, the life blood of our nations, mothers of future generations are lured by promises of good jobs and a better life only to be sold into sex slavery or worse used in the body spare-part trade and killed.

Horror stories of women forced to service as many as 30 clients a day on pain of brutal assault or worse, abound in the press. Others have been indoctrinated into thinking that sex work of this nature is the only way to provide for those back home. A whole generation of the flowers of our nations destroyed physically and emotionally. It is frightening and tragic. These are the tales of the survivors, so imagine the countless others who were not so lucky.

We cannot let such terrible things happen. Do whatever you can to help stop this horrible practice. It is your duty as a human being. The next victim may be someone you know and love.


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