Windows Creators Update 16251 - Issues

Windows 10 is a great OS, it actually made me move from Linux Mint - no great feat I might add. The new Creators Update in the fast track is amazing, fast responsive, elegant and ridden with a number of issues that I hope get fixed before the final release. Let's get stuck in

1. Wacom Pen Tool Integration: So far the Creators update has not played nicely with Wacom tablets. It fails on so many levels. This is completely at variance to the idea of creativity which is at the heart of these new Windows 10 releases. 2 releases ago the pen was totally unusable, executing automatic multiple clicks, activating popups and panels and generally behaving like a mad-thing on some very cheap hallucinatory drugs. In the last release it seemed to get fixed. In this new build 16251 it just does not work, tap to click - fails, you cannot select any tools, you cannot do anything at all. the only thing that happens when the pen tool comes into proximity of the tablet is a selection tool that seems to change size at will. It is irritating frustrating and annoying. It really is beyond me why in a Creators Update it's the pen tool that's at the core of any creativity that is unusable. Go Figure

2.Action Centre and Notifications: The Cortana integration from phones is great, it's definitely limited my use of PushBullet, but PushBullet still wipes the floor with the Cortana's notification response algorithms. Yes you get the notifications, however responding is quite another thing. Replying to SMS is successful intermittently, a lottery. Responding to Whatsapp messages is a total FAIL. Over the last 2 builds it has been impossible to reply to a Whatsapp message from the Action Centre or the Notification fly-outs and this build is no exception. SO for the moment replying messages sent from your phone to your PC is all PushBullet if you want any success.

3. Start Up and Lock Screens: Your selected Start-Up and Lock Screen images disappear all the time. This one is a brand new bug. When start up your PC what you now see is a bluish gray (my colour selection I suppose). That's it, my selected images for the lock screen or the Windows defaults, nada. When you're in though and go back to the lock careen via Win key + L you do get to see your image.

Other than these I've found so far - things seem to be ticking on nicely. Onwards hopefully to the best version of Windows 10 yet (fingers crossed)


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