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My newest app is actually a reaction to a recent problem I had looking for a reasonably priced hotel in Lagos. Almost everything I found online was expensive but I knew that here would be squads of hotels in Lagos that were decent yet were within a reasonable price range. The answer "Hotels In Nigeria". The app gives you a comprehensive list of hotels in the various towns and cities of Nigeria from 5* to low budget. It's simple and easily accessible and as the data is persistent on your device, there is no need to access the internet to get the information you need.
The app is now live on Google play but it is in BETA. I'm still adding new towns and adding new hotels I find to the various listings. New features will also be added to the application in due course. Download the app here
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Harry Ozturk said...

Can you tell me the exact procedure for booking online and it would be better if you add the price chart of that hotel.Thanks.

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aYo Binitie said...

Hi Harry. Thanks for using Hotels In Nigeria. At the moment all we are is a directory of hotels in the various Nigerian towns. I have noted your idea for a price chart, the team will look at the feasibility of implementing this or some similar idea. We do not have an online booking feature (that's being developed), but you can call the hotel directly to book by tapping on the phone number. You can also send the hotel an email to book by tapping on their email address. Where there is a website address you can visit the hotel website and book directly. Thanks a lot for your support

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