Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouth Guard

Over 2 decades of studying the martial arts and today I had the brainwave to start doing reviews on the various bits of equipment that I have used over the years.
Ok enough waffling, I'll start with an indispensable piece of equipment for training and sparing, the gum-shield or mouth guard. My favourite mouthguard is made by Shock Doctor. Its the Gel Max Mouthguard. I like the colour but better still is the way it fits in your mouth and the protection it gives. It's without question the very best mouth guard I have used. When moulded properly it fits beautifully and does not fill your mouth or make you gag like some mouthpieces do. It has a rubber frame that provides brilliant impact protection. You also have a choice of various colours *__*. The case is quite cool too, nice and modular. It's inexpensive, it cost about £10:00 at Sports Direct.
I definitely recommend it. Train safely


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