23 months after the first hip resurfacing

In order to track the progress of my mobility I have every so often done a video recording of myself in training to see how far I have progressed with regards to mobility, flexion and of course technique. My trainer is World Champion Kickboxer Audi Kinga.

The video above was made 10 months after my right hip was resurfaced and about 3 months after the left hip was done.

 This video was made 18 months after the right hip and 12 months after the left hip.

The video above was made 23 months after the first operation (my right hip) and 17 months after the second (my left hip) was done.

It is obvious - Thank God - that there has been a marked improvement in my movement and flexibility. Working to gain back flexibility has been tough, but well worth it. If you are going to have a hip operation of some sort it is possible to get back a reasonable amount of flexibility with a little bit of work after the healing process is complete.


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