"Reflections", mon premier "live wallpaper"

One of the things that really made me want to develop for Android is the live wallpaper feature. Apps well... actually boring - there's no art in that but, live wall papers - the ability to create to have art - digital art that is constantly available to all. Now that's a reason to develop for. I am creating a digital version of my new painting "Reflections" as a live wallpaper. So far so good and I have learned some very valuable lessons about Android development. Here is the progress I have made so far, the display device is a Dell Streak 5, the particle animation uses OpenGL.The animation has particles flying from outside the scene to disappear into the depths of the scene. Reflections is now available in the Android Market, its in the Livewallpapers categories.
To install Reflections on your android device click here.
Please download and enjoy Reflections. The current version is the free lite version with 2 colour options, the original painting and an aqua tint of the original painting. A full version will be available soon. It will offer more colour options and a few more interesting additions :).


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