RabbitVCS - a real Tortoise alternative for Linux

I decided to try out RabbitVCS yesterday and I have been massively impressed. RapidSVN is not a bad SVN client but in RabbitVCS Linux users now have powerful SVN client with similar features as the uber SVN client Tortoise. Most impressive for me was the Nautilus integration of RabbitVCS. I was immediately able to commit and update from the folders by selection the options in the contest menus when you right click the selected folder. There are a whole raft of installation methods. I run 64bit Ubuntu Lucid so I added the PPA via terminal. I did have to restart my machine as I could not find the libraries after an apt-get update.. After a restart it was simple a trip to the SynapticManager to select the various RabbitVCS components to install. You will need to restart Nautilus to see the options when you right click. A simple killall nautilus should suffice. Try it out its very impressive. My only regret is that I did not find it earlier


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