Peugeot's new car configurator launched

After 8 months of work, the new car configurator for Peugeot has been launched. For the moment it has been launched in 16 countries across Europe. Its been very exciting watching the project grow from blueprint to product. It has also been the fulfilment of a personal dream of mine to be part of the development of a large scale project for a major automotive firm. The project has allowed me to test a number of OOP principles and design patterns in anger and I have to say I have been delighted with most of the results. I've also been fortunate to work with an incredible team of developers who have become my blood brothers, Vlad Exil and Sean(the Hakkman) Hakkinsson. I had initially hoped that the OSMF player would form the basis of the display interface but, certain requirements beyond its capabilities caused a rethink and a de-scoping of its usage. Having said that its part in allowing us to queue a variety of media and play them back in isolation or in series with no knowledge of the incoming media has been more than amazing. In its area of operations it is definitely BOSS. Click on the image and configure the new Peugeot RCZ for yourself.

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