DesignView, a flex layout option for alternative Flex IDE's

The one thing alternative Flex Builder Linux and other Flex IDE alternatives (AXDT, FDT...) have been missing is a design view for flex component layouts. Well it seems the problem has been solved with the AIR application DesignView. DesignView is a "GUI tool for Flex applications layout composition", providing the basic functionality of the Flex Builder Design View. This is the work of Max and Mike McMullin and I for one really commend them for their work. I must confess that there is some way to go to bring it up to the level of functionality of the Flex/FlashBuilder design view but, it does the job and is a perfect design view option for FlexBuilder Linux, AXDT and FDT. AXDT has integrated it into their Eclipse plugin. This addition really elevates the posibilities of AXDT as a serious swf building alternative IDE to FlexBuilder. Please note that you may need to set up the Adobe player security settings within the Eclipse AXDT plugin folder or you will be sandboxed. The location path will be something like this "/home/ayo/gallileo/plugins/org.axdt.mxml_0.0.7.0/designview.index.html". The designview project is hosted at sourceforge. You can do your MXML layout using the online version tool that will generate the code you need from your layout. The AIR option is preferable in my view because you can load your existing MXML files into it.


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