Windows XP runs better in VIrtualBox virtualization on Ubuntu Jaunty

I have blogged about this before but, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. This weekend I have been doing some processor hungry development on Windows - no choice in the matter really. I started first on a desktop which is an extremely fast machine with WIndows XP installed. It had more memory and resources allocated than my virtualised XP set up. To my irritation compiling got slower as I worked. The compiled swf started to flicker and  changes between Flash Develop and Flash CS3 got harder with each iteration. Every so often to get back to useful work rates I had to restart the machine.

After the first night of this i decided to migrate my work to my virtualized environment in Ubuntu. It has 1.5 G of ram allocated to XP there. To my amazement it seems this performs much better. No flickering images and a fast compile. Weird and definitely wonderful.


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