Flash Media Server Quirks: What works, what doesn't and work arounds

In spite of years of Flash Media Server development, there are still quirks of the system that cause a great deal of head-scratching. Primarily for my own benefit, I have decided to list the oddities of FMIS development, what works, what doesn't and workarounds if they exist. If you have come across any yourself feel free to send them in so the list can be updated.

Streaming: What works

  • To get the end of a streamed file when using the VideoDisplay control(Flex) or the FLVPlayback component (Flash) use the VideoEvent.COMPLETE. vid.addEventListener(VideoEvent.COMPLETE, videoEventHandler)

Server Administrator

  • AllowDebug: Setting the < allowDebug > in your Application.xml or in your main/< application name >.asc, does not guarantee your ability to view Shared Object data in the admin panel. It is very temperamental and more prone to refuse view than allow. Debugging streams works a lot better.


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