the [Head] conference starts

the [Head] conference starts

After months of planning, the [Head] conference kicked off today. The opening sessions were at the London Hub and the location, the beautiful quirky location of the Magic Circle in Central London. Internet guru Jeremy Kieth kicked of the proceedings. Gavin Bell was next - well he's actually answering questions at the moment. There are lessons to be learnt about hosting a conference of this size online and more importantly delivering content to hundreds of people online. To add spice to the conference the London hub was streamed life to 2nd Life. That was really lovely to see. I was told my avatar was running about the place fortunately I did not see it. Strangely enough the problems are eerily like those with video conference, lighting - sound (especially distance of mic from mouth). Learning to manage all this has had to happen in situ, still is a great experience and I hope participants have a wonderful experience. Aral Balkan has my love and respect for thinking up this bijou. All participants I hope you have a wonderful experience, Happy Head Hunting :)!! 2 days to go


info said...

Great work behind the scenes. You didn't get much face time. But I'm sure you worked hard. Thanks.

aYo ii said...

Thanks, I really hope you enjoyed it. Hopefully bigger and better next year :)

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