X-Rocker the best £50 I've spent in a looooong while

I love to sit on the carpet and work with my laptop. A joy thats has increased 10fold since I moved over to Ubuntu. It is however an uncomfortable experience to which, I have long sought to solve. Aching back and neck seemed to be the only result of a long session of pottering around with my laptop. The solution is now here, the X-Rocker. I went into PC world hoping to find a Type A to Type A usb cable. I did not find one, irritated I wandered round the shop wondering how to solve my laptop heating problems when a curved leather seat caught my eye. I went over to check it out. It was an X-Rocker gaming chair. It immediately struck be that this might be the solution to my sitting-on-the-floor problems. I tried it out it felt even better. I looked at the price and hated it (the price) immediately. However I thought if PC world sold it at that price there it was bound to be cheaper online. Once I got home online I went and sure enough Argos was selling a discounted one for £54. I Immediately reserved it on line and went to pick it up.

Thank God I drove the X-Rocker box was huge and heavy, it was no joke lugging the damn box to my car. There was a stupid little girl and her mother who did not want to move out of my way as I approached them, sweating and struggling with my package. One 'Gangway coming through' and I swear if they had not moved I would not have been responsible for my actions. Idiots. Having goten over that unpleasantness I got home, unpacked and set up the contraption and proceeded to sit in it and work for 5 hours straight with no discomfort whatever. Best of all it has a wicked subwoofer and speakers each placed beside my head, os I jacked in from my laptop and proceeded to listed to Groove Salad in all its glory. I'm no gamer - I think I'm one of the only people to get a negative score at Halo - but this is one of the best thing to ever come out of the gaming support industry. To the originator of this marvelous idea, I doff my cap.


Anonymous said...

Right, so next time you're over, we're going to have to do some Halo training :)

aYo ii said...

Indeed. This weekend looks as good a time as any

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