Malcolm McLaren in Papervision3D

I've been unable to put type keys to blog because the last few weeks at MagicLantern London have been spent working on Malcolm McLaren's programme 'The Game' for BBC Radio2. The idea was to create a series of abstract visualizations depicting the journey of Malcolm through various levels of self searching and self actualization through a virtual space called Paris-space. He starts in Purgatory and in a Danteresque fashion moves through various levels meeting Christian Dior, Jean Paul Sartre and many others. It was a real thrill to put Papervision through its paces on this very rare sort of artistic project. I had been experimenting quite a bit with the PV3D Effects branch and in particular with the Pixels class, as a result I limited myself to using the pixels class as the main visualization class while using other primitives as supporting objects. You interact with the Game by moving your mouse over the interface and creating new shapes and seeing new and hidden things within. The various stages of the Game were created as individual members of an MVC triad. Optimization was very challenging indeed, each pixel and the use of blurs and animation had to be weighed and questioned at every point. The BBC seemed to like the final offering, judge for yourself. Malcolm McLaren: the Game


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