Exciting Week (WOW 3D Physics, Flash Media Server 3), Frustrating Week (No Internet)

What a week it has been, exciting and frustating in equal parts. I had virtually no internet at work today and it really spoiled what was so far a decent week. It was "one of those days at the office". Its truly amazing how helpless and depressed it can make one feel. Its also scary to think of how dependent I have become on the internet. I really must find some way to decrease that dependence without affecting my output.
On the plus side 2 days ago one of my major passions got an upgrade. Yes, the new Flash Media Interactive Server is finally on general release. A fantastic job by the Adobe FMIS gang. They really put them selves at the knife's edge for this one and its capabilities are truly breathtaking.

  • Off the shelf Video On Demand deployment
  • Support for H264 encoded videos
  • Support for ACC encoded audio
  • An expanded and more granular Server scripting API
  • No Bandwidth or Concurrent connection caps (just fabulous)
  • Flash Lite Streaming
  • Optimized Bandwidth management
  • Auto Bandwidth management

and thats just off the top of my head..
Do take it for a Spin.

My second passion Papervision3d got an unexpected boost in the release of a 3d Physics API appropriately named WOW Physics engine. A fantastic complement to the PV3D API. It's fabulous, considering the fact that it is soooo very early in its development. Here are a couple of flaming balls in a WOW bounding box. I'm really jazzed at the possibilities this new API will provide.


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