Archway Deep Blues

London can do this to a person.
9ish this morning I was on the Northern Line reading, well trying to understand the Chain of Responsibility when, I heard the train alarm beeping. "Bugger", I thought, "What now?", +30 mins added to the trip."We have a problem and will be stopping for a few minutes at the next station", said the train driver on the P.A. system. We pulled into Archway Underground station and stopped. Strangely enough the drama was happening a few meters from me on the train. Somebody who I could not see through the sea of legs was sitting, or more like sprawled on the floor crying. I resisted the impulse to stand up and peep, besides there were enough people asking what the problem was. "I'M STRESSED", was the cry for help I heard between sobs, "TOTALLY STRESSED OUT". The accent was not English, and sounded a bit African though not one I could identify. Yes I thought, London can do that to you. The train driver and assistants helped the poor person of the train and the daily routine of cosmopolitan London continued.


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